Here you will find other sites that are associated with our club in one form or another.

We start out with a InterActive InterNet Doo Wop Show on Saturday evenings. "Steve's Kewl Doo Wop Shop" is pleased to announce the Premiere of "Steve's Kewl Doo Wop Shop Radio" on Saturday evenings at 9:00PM Eastern, 6:00PM Pacific times. We also have a Radio show twice on Fridays with your hosts "Clarke Davis" and yours truly "Kewl Steve" following "Clarke Davis" on Friday evening. Keep a watch on our clubs Message Board for postings of time for these shows and how to tune-in. During these shows, we meet in the Chat Room on the club site. Feel free to visit our club, and we would also like to have you consider joining. Just click on "Steve's Kewl Doo Wop Shop" that's hightlighted in blue.

Our next site is by another one of our club members. Dave Woodring(woody1343), woodys site is under construction(he's just learning how to build a web site), but he's doing a very good job of it. Stop by his site at... Dave & Janet's Doo Wops & Oldies.

Next we have a site from a group everyone remembers. Tom Ferrara(capri_3_2000), is one of the members of this group. The song you will most remember by them is "There's A Moon Out Tonight". Yes everyone, the one and only Capris.

Now we're going to take a trip down Florida way and visit The BronxBabe. BronxBev, as she's know in the club, is down there in Boca Raton, and guess who her neighbor is? None other than Dion himself! So, if youse is from da bronx, stop by her site and give her a shout.

Now from the East Coast to the West. This group of people are preserving the music we love, and are putting on shows with our favorite groups. If you live in the Southern California area, i would suggest joining. Hell, even if you don't, join anyways. Southern California Doo Wop Society.

Joe Rivera(curet30), must have the best job in the business. Not only is he a valued member of the club, he sings with Earl Lewis and the Channels!! You can visit Joes web site at Earl Lewis & The Channels. Joes site has some history of Earl Lewis and the Channels and gives the upcoming show dates.

Here's a site that you can get lost in. Nikki Gustafson(dowoplady) and Jim Dunn(rnbharmony) have a web site that is absolutely unbelievable. They have put a lot of work into their site. So, if you have nothing to do for the next few hours, stop by their site at Harmony Haven. You won't be sorry you did!

Well, if you've never heard female harmonizing, are you in for a treat. Out of Central New Jersey, come five ladies with voices like Angels. Betty(doowop1952), SanD, Lisa, Vicki and Pat, form the all-female acappella group Streetheart. Their new CD has been released, called "A StreetHeart Named Desire". Take a moment out of your tour of the links here and visit their site.

For the past number of years, Beach Music in the Carolina's has been the "Rage". Bill Swanke(willieswan) down in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has just the site for you if you dig those "Kewl" Beach Sounds. You can visit(and get lost, i might add) his site at WillieCs RnB Beach Music Cafe Stop by his Cafe and sign his Guestbook while you're there.

Recently on my show, i've been playing cuts from the Hearts Desire tape. "Can these guys harmonize"! The group consists of...Armond Longobardo, Richie Gallo, Sammy Casarella, Lawrence "Sonny" Johnson and Mike Passarelli. Nothing but pure vocal group harmonizing here folks. They are located in the Wappingers Falls area of New York, and perform along with Larry Chance and the Earls. Geez, what a night that would be seeing these two groups performing together. Visit their web site for their schedule of upcoming show dates, and as always, please sign their Guestbook.

Last updated on 08.29.00