Available CD's Featuring Our Club Members

Here you will find a listing of CD's featuring members of our club. Most of the Major Record Companies still pay Royalties on these recordings.
Some smaller companies do not. We encourage you to buy from the Major Companies, so that these guys get a check(hey, they're getting up in their years, so every little bit helps)!

Dave Goddard(Aquatone58)
Artist:The Aquatones
CD Title: The Aquatones Sing For You
Label/Number: Relic 7051
Description: 20 cuts of original(50's-60's)Aquatones Recordings.

Artist: Various
CD Title: "The Golden Age Of Doo Wops"-The Groups Of Fargo Records
Label/Number: Relic 7137
Description: 24 Cuts, Including-"You", "Crazy For You", "My Darling", "She's The One For Me" by The Aquatones. Also includes-"How Still The Night" by The Chord'R Notes(Featuring Dave Goddard on Lead Vocal and Organ).

Artist: Various
CD Title: "Fabulous Flips"
Label/Number: Ace CHCHD 444
Description: 26 Cuts, Including-"She's The One For Me" The Aquatones.

Mike Paladino(mikepal99)
The Bon-Aires have songs on three CD's at this time.
Artist: Various
CD Title: Laurie Vocal Groups "The Sixties Sound"
Songs by the Bon-aires: "Bye, Bye" and "Jeanne Baby" (co-written by Murry the K's wife-Jeanne)
Label/Number: Ace CDCHD 346

Artist: Various
CD Title: Laurie Vocal Groups "The Doo Wop Sound"
Song: "The Shrine Of St. Cecelia"
Label/Number: CDCHD 309

CD Title: Vol.7 "Rare and Unreleased" Group Harmony Gems.
Song: "Angel Of Love"
Label/Number: City Sounds CS 11
Mike Palidino sings Bass and Baritone.

Ron Myers(rm5197)-Reunion(Acappella)
Artist: Reunion
CD Title: A Cool Change
Label/Number: Clifton Records 1006

Artist: Reunion
CD Title: Another Night With The Boys
Label/Number: Clifton Records 1010

Artists: Reunion
CD Title: Street Corner Singers
Label/Number: Collectables 5515

Artists: Reunion
CD Title: So Much In Love/with Willie Winfield
Label/Number: Collectables 5561

Artists: Reunion
CD Title: Acappella Christmas/with DC's Finest&Pure Gold
Label/Number: Collectables 5585

Don Davenport(dondond69) The Larados
Artist: The Larados
CD Title: Larados Most Requested
Label/Number: Madog MD 005

Artist: The Larados
CD Title: Larados Lost Tapes-1957 To Present
Label/Number: Madog MD 004

Warren Tesoro(wtesoro) The Larkings(Acappella)
Artist: The Larkings
CD Title: "A Story Untold"
Label/Number: Clifton CD 3011
Warren sings Lead and 2nd. Tenor

Jack Carlson(doowopjack) The Roomates
Artist: The Roomates
CD Title: The Roomates also staring Cathy Jean
Label/Number: Marvel #68924

Mike Mulligan(mikemull_99) Special Delivery(Acappella)
Artist: Special Delivery
CD Title: Certified Special Delivery
Label/Number: Fatoomba Records #FAT1001-2

Artist: Special Delivery
CD Title: Be Anything But Be Mine
Label/Number: Clifton Records #2000

Jimmy Mullin(jimmy4epics) The Four Epics/Vespers
Artists: Various
CD Title: 'Yo Philadelphia(Look What I Found)
Label/Number: Heritage Records HYP 002

Pete DeBenedetto(bassbolo) The Encounters(Acappella)
Artist: Various
CD Title: The Sound Of Acappella Vol. 1
Label/Number: Collectables 6140
This CD features 3 groups. The Encounters, Frankie & The Fashions and The Balladeers

Artist: The Encounters
CD Title: Don't Stop
Label/Number: Collectables 5912
Royalties from the sales of this CD go to "Childrens Cancer Research" Good go Guys. Lets all of us buy this one to help out the children!

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