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Hi everyone, Welcome to our web site.
Back in July of 1999, we had a dream of creating a club for all who like Doo Wops, Oldies, R&B and Vocal Group Harmony of the '50's-'60's.
We had no idea at that time how this dream would become a reality. So, Barbara and I created "STEVE'S KEWL DOO WOP SHOP" and invited a few of our friends to join. Since that time, our club has grown constantly. The club now consists of members of various '50's-'60's groups, and members of newer groups keeping this music alive. We also have past and present DJ's and people from other countries who love this music.
We now feel that it's time for a web site where we can place our favorite songs. These songs are favorites of our members for all to enjoy.
Every two weeks, these "JUKEBOXES" will be updated with more of our favorites.

It's now time to sit back and listen to some of the best music on Earth.

Feel free to visit us at: STEVE'S KEWL DOO WOP SHOP

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